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Best Distribution Management System

SalesAssist distribution management system (DMS) streamlines all distribution workflows and activities, enhances supply chain efficiency, prevents stock-outs and overstocking, and allows companies to access real-time data from distributors.

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Why Distribution Management Software is Necessary

DMS (Distributor Management Systems) is now an integral part of any consumer goods company’s route-to-market strategies. They align retail activities, trade promotions, inventory, invoicing, claims, competitive analytics, and much more to help manage the supply chain between manufacturers and a wide range of Distributors in a competitive marketplace, the appropriate solution can boost sales and distribution operations, but first, let’s look at why they’re so essential.

How SalesAssist Delivers a modern DMS solution

The SalesAssist Consumer Goods Platform is a complete Distributor Management System (DMS) that boosts productivity across the entire sales and distribution process. All distribution procedures and activities are streamlined with the integrated end-to-end platform

  • Master Data Management across Customers and Products
  • Active Customer Segmentation
  • Real-Time Trade Promotion Management and Execution
  • Rich Distributor Dashboard and Reporting
  • Streamline Stock Management and Inventory Processes
  • AI-Powered On-Device Order Management and Fulfilment
  • On-Device Retail Execution and Merchandising
  • Fully Integrated Distributor Disputes and Claims Process
  • Automated Tax Calculations
  • Market surveys and Asset Tracking
  • Robust mobile app for order bookers
  • Seamless Integration to Distributor Systems and Back-office ERP

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Tactical Improvements from DMS

Stock Management

When you use an effective distribution management platform, no business should be lost. Goods tracking as it moves from the Distributor and visibility of damaged vs. undamaged stock can help you avoid out-of-stock situations. It is critical to keep a minimum amount of stock across all sales channels.

Sales Team Integration

When it comes to keeping track of sales executive visits, tertiary sales, brand visibility, market competitiveness, and more, intelligent, automated software that integrates with the Sales Team is worth its weight in gold. Increase productivity by empowering data.

Complete Control on Distributors

An effective DMS will provide the Manufacturer with control over the Distributor’s material requirements planning item alteration, ledger alteration, backdate entries, negative stocks, reorder levels, etc.

Strategic Improvements after deployment of SalesAssist DMS solution

Channel Management

Understanding individual Distributors’ success – analyzing their sales data provides clear insights into how the Manufacturer can manage the relationship in the future.

Tangible Achievements and targets measurements

Seeing the data from start to end makes it easier to establish an effective sales strategy. Long-term use of a DMS provides the opportunity to forecast and predict growth goals and successes, which is crucial in today’s ever-changing corporate environment.

Improved Relationships with Distributors

A deeper understanding of data insights from the Manufacturer will lead to clearer expectations. Clearer expectations and removal of uncertain demand fulfillment needs create stronger business relationships. In addition, an understanding of stock replenishment needs supports a more profitable ecology for Distributors.

Time and Energy Re-allocation

The automation of several operations (for example, order processing and real-time transmission of Distributor sales) frees up a significant amount of time for other production duties. Why spend time following up and coordinating when a distribution management system can do it for you?

Business Impact of using SalesAssist sales and distribution management system

The deployment of a distribution management system results in a variety of tangible gains. Some will be obvious right away, while others will take a little longer but have a bigger impact.

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